Telemedicine: Leading the Way in Health Care Technology Advancement

Recent efforts in COVID-19-related collaboration among health-care professionals across the country have highlighted several weak spots in the U.S.’  public health data technology. On May 13, 2020, the Seattle Times ran an article from the Associated Press by Frank Bajak titled “Faxes and email: Old technology slows COVID-19 response.” In it, the CDC’s No. 2 official, Anne Schuchat, acknowledged the problem. “We are woefully behind, puttering along the data superhighway in our Model T Ford.”

While the pandemic has exposed technology shortcomings in the public health industry, it has also increased the adoption of certain technologies such as telemedicine. This major shift offers many benefits for both physicians and patients. For example, our facet of telemedicine allows patients and doctors to enjoy a new level of convenience, with no overcrowded waiting rooms, commutes to the medical office, and concerns over exposure to others’ illness.

Change can be daunting, and we recognize that some people may be reluctant to transition to telemedicine. Rest assured that the pharmacists and physicians at 24×7 Doctor Call are ready to welcome you with open arms! You’ll find that our doctors are patient, caring, and helpful. When you call into our service, you never have to worry about feeling ridiculed or rushed through your care. Our physicians understand this is a new experience for everyone, and they’re excited to open new doors with you!

Telemedicine is taking healthcare to soaring new heights, and we are hoping you’ll join us for the ride!

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