Even though it may seem that the most noticeable inconveniences of the coronavirus pandemic in our daily lives are coming to an end, that’s not really true. While some restaurants and retail stores are opening again, they have changed the way they conduct business to ensure the safety of their customers.

The new normal in dining and retail will include facial coverings and appropriate spacing for some time to come. Yet, even with these precautions in place, you may feel more comfortable continuing to order take-out and shopping online. Why not use that same mindset when it comes to seeing a doctor?

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, a doctor’s office was still a germ-filled place that you probably weren’t overly excited to visit. With the fear of germs  even more present in the public awareness, the last place you may want to be is a doctor’s office, emergency room, urgent care, or other medical facility. We have the perfect solution!

With 24×7 Doctor Call you can avoid those germs and still get the quality care you’re looking for! For just $14.99 a month, you and your family can get access to board-certified physicians from the safety and comfort of your home. Don’t let anxiety or fear of germs keep you from seeking the medical treatment you need. Take care of yourself with 24×7 Doctor Call!

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