It’s finally July, the season of vacations and outdoor fun! Naturally, you want your vacation to go exactly as planned. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. When an illness hits, don’t panic that it’s going to ruin your vacation! With 24×7 Doctor Call, a doctor is accessible from your phone whenever and wherever you need her.


No matter how far you vacation from home, 24×7 Doctor Call will be there for you. As long as your vacation destination is in the U.S., a doctor will be able to send a prescription to a pharmacy near you. Don’t worry if you are vacationing overseas, a doctor will still be able to give you medical advice and possibly recommend over-the-counter medicine to take.


We want you to enjoy your summer and relax on vacation. There’s no need to worry about sun poisoning, food poisoning, or other unexpected medical issues when you have 24×7 Doctor Call!

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