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Telemedicine: Leading the Way in Health Care Technology Advancement

Recent efforts in COVID-19-related collaboration among health-care professionals across the country have highlighted several weak spots in the U.S.’  public health data technology. On May 13, 2020, the Seattle Times ran an article from the Associated Press by Frank Bajak titled “Faxes and email: Old technology slows COVID-19 response.” In it, the CDC’s No. 2 official, Anne Schuchat, acknowledged the

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How Do I Know if 24x7DoctorCall Is Right for Me?

Are you a student? If you are away at school, or have a medical issue that you don’t necessarily want to discuss with a parent, 24x7DoctorCall is for you! From the comfort of your dorm, you can get care from a board-certified physician and have any prescriptions called in to a pharmacy near you! If you just have a question,

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