Summertime is Telemedicine Time

While summertime definitely has its perks, it also comes with a couple downsides. With more people outside enjoying the weather, you can also expect  sunburns, bug bites, and a host of other odd injuries associated with outdoor activities gone wrong. However, we’ve got you covered on those issues, and many more! 

No one wants to deal with a painful sunburn, or worse, sun poisoning. Whether you choose to call a doctor via phone or video, you can still send a picture of your sunburn to the doctor so he or she can help get you treated and feeling better as soon as possible. 

Summertime sun also means boats, vacation excursions, water park visits, and many other fun outings. Of course, with all the fun comes some risk of injury or illness. Whether you get stung by a jellyfish while visiting the beach or swallow some nasty waterpark water and get ill, our board-certified physicians are prepared to help you! We’re also prepared to help you with bug bites. If a spider bite is ruining your weekend trip to the lake, just give our doctors a call and they’ll be able to help you!

We want you to have an awesome summer and not worry about pesky illnesses or injuries! Purchase our service today, and be prepared when the need arises!

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