How Do I Know if 24x7DoctorCall Is Right for Me?

Are you a student?

If you are away at school, or have a medical issue that you don’t necessarily want to discuss with a parent, 24x7DoctorCall is for you! From the comfort of your dorm, you can get care from a board-certified physician and have any prescriptions called in to a pharmacy near you! If you just have a question, a physician will answer it for you without judgment! It’s also perfect for those who share insurance with a parent but don’t share medical information with them.

Are you busy?

If you are up at the crack of dawn and working all day, with no time to see a doctor, 24x7DoctorCall is for you! This service is accessible 24/7 and accessible wherever you via your smartphone, tablet or computer. So when you get a few minutes to spare, you can see a doctor. No matter your schedule, we promise to bring you the care you need. 

Do you have not-so-great insurance?

If you have great insurance, you can still benefit from 24x7DoctorCall. But, if you have no insurance or are underinsured, then 24x7DoctorCall is for you! Because we offer $0 co-pays and a long list of free prescriptions, you can get the care you need if your insurance can’t or makes it very hard.

Do you travel a lot?

If you travel a lot, then 24x7DoctorCall is for you! If you live in the U.S., you can call our doctors from anywhere in the world at anytime. Our doctors can only call in prescriptions to pharmacies in the U.S., but sometimes you don’t even need a prescription, just medical help. For example, if you have a cold and want advice on the best over-the-counter medicine, 24X7DoctorCall is a good option, even if you’re traveling. 

Have you had a bad experience with a doctor?

If you have ever left a doctor’s office feeling misunderstood or frustrated with a lack of understanding, then 24x7DoctorCall is for you! It’s true that many people resist seeking medical treatment because they are embarrassed about their symptoms or feel anxiety about a doctor’s visit. This discomfort can be heightened in a face-to-face encounter, but with 24x7DoctorCall, patient and medical provider can interact productively without some of the social anxiety or embarrassment.  

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