We understand that you may be wary about purchasing and using telemedicine. After all, it IS a fairly new approach to healthcare. Further, your health is a very personal matter, and we understand you may have reservations about privacy. Rest assured, telemedicine calls are secure and 100% confidential. All of the services we offer are 100% compliant with ALL HIPPA regulations. All that to say: Telehealth is as secure as going to see your primary doctor in his or her physical location.

We know that trusting new services with your medical information might be a leap you’re uneasy taking. However, not only can we guarantee that we can bring you fast, convenient care, but we can also guarantee that your information will be kept completely confidential. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. 

It is also important to note that using this service is completely on your terms. When you register for 24×7 Doctor Call for $14.99, you can cancel anytime you want. There are no special or hidden fees. 

As the times change and technology becomes a more integral part of our daily lives, it’s natural to wonder if the new ways are as reliable as the old. Know that we are truly here to put the technology to work for you in as many amazing new ways as possible. Give telemedicine a try; we’re confident that you will find the benefits far outweigh any initial misgivings you may have.  Remember, your health information is and always will be 100% confidential! 

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