Telemedicine Terminology

Medicine, like any other area of specialization, has a language all its own, and 24X7 Doctor Call is no different. We realize some of the terminology can be confusing, so below we have explained in detail some of the basic concepts and language used in telemedicine. That way, once you are registered and gain access you will have a much

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MDLive: The Medical Muscle Behind 24×7 Doctor Call

As we get more accustomed to conducting business and meetings virtually, it might seem more natural to think immediately of a virtual doctor visit when you’re not feeling well. 24×7 Doctor Call can make that happen as they provide the interface to purchase telemedicine services. It does not actually provide the medical services themselves, though. Those are provided by MDLive.

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I really like my doctor. Does that mean telemedicine isn’t for me? What if I have good insurance?

No matter what your situation, telemedicine can be a huge benefit! If you like the rapport you have with your current doctor, that’s great. 24x7DoctorCall is not intended to replace your primary care physician. Typically you should continue to see your primary care doctor once a year for a routine check-up. There are other times, however, when it makes more

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How Do I Know if 24x7DoctorCall Is Right for Me?

Are you a student? If you are away at school, or have a medical issue that you don’t necessarily want to discuss with a parent, 24x7DoctorCall is for you! From the comfort of your dorm, you can get care from a board-certified physician and have any prescriptions called in to a pharmacy near you! If you just have a question,

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