After Purchasing, When Can I Use 24×7 Doctor Call?

You’ve purchased 24×7 Doctor Call’s telemedicine services! Now what?

Just 24 hours after purchase, you will receive a personalized email with steps to complete your registration. These steps include things like creating your profile so when telemedicine doctors contact you they know who you are, and details about your medical history. Within 72 hours of submitting your registration, you will receive a welcome email. This welcome email includes printable cards that can be used immediately for accessing a physician. The cards include the phone number you will call for medical attention and other information, such as your member I.D.

Simply put, you and your family will be able to use 24×7 Doctor Call’s telemedicine services within 72 hours of the initial purchase. After that, you’ll be able to use 24×7 Doctor Call at the drop of a hat, whenever you need it!

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