When the internet was young, eBay was the go-to place to buy and sell things online. Buyers got a certain thrill from conducting business virtually as well as the ability to bid low and score a good deal. As more and more businesses have moved online, shopping virtually is no longer a novelty, and eBay long ago expanded its model from online auctions to the ability to buy something outright. And now 24×7 Doctor Call is officially part of the eBay scene.

Patients looking for telemedicine services can simply click the link below to be taken straight to 24×7 Doctor Call on Ebay’s site. There you will be able to purchase a three-month family membership for $64.95. This is especially exciting for our valued customers because now you have many options to choose from when deciding which plan is right for you and your family.

)Of course you can still purchase a telemedicine care plan from our website at https://www.24x7doctorcall.com if you choose, but you’ll only get the promotional three-month plan price on eBay right now. This means individuals or families can use telemedicine for a few months before worrying about recurring payments.

If you’re looking for affordable healthcare, make sure to click that link below!


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